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Coming Events

 Session 1
June 19-July 1, 2007
 Mini Camp
June 24-July 1, 2007
 Session 2
July 3-July 22, 2007
 Session 3
July 24-Aug. 12, 2007

 Gan Alonim Day Camp
Begins June 18, 2007
Ends August 10, 2007



Who Participates in BCI Programs?

More About BLI:
Bardin Leadership Institute

Who Attends BCI Programs?
There is no such thing as a “typical BCIer.” Every BCI session is comprised of open-minded, Jewishly-identified individuals that are diverse in virtually every way:

Geographically: BCIers travel short and long distances, from New York, Israel, Iowa, Los Angeles, Argentina, Florida, the Former Soviet Union, Texas, the Baltics…everywhere.

Education/Knowledge Levels: Some never went to Hebrew school while other may have grown up in Jewish day school, and many became bnei mitzvahs but some did not. Some may speak Hebrew fairly well, and some do not know how to read Hebrew at all. Some spent every summer at Jewish sleep away camp and, for others, BCI may be their first organized Jewish experience. Some may practically live at their Hillel house, and others did everything to avoid the Jewish college scene. No matter what your education or Jewish experience level, everyone has something to learn (and teach) at BCI.

Affiliations/Denominations: Jewishly, BCIers identify (and don’t identify) in a number of ways including Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, secular, Reconstructionist, Renewal, traditional, cultural, Humanistic, and unaffiliated.

Beliefs/Practices: Some BCIers believe in God, some consider themselves atheists, and others struggle with the whole concept of a god. You can be Shomer Shabbos (Shabbat observant) or learn about the Sabbath for the first time. Many support female rabbis while others prefer a male-led service. Some BCIers identify themselves as Zionists and others struggle with a connection to Israel. Whatever your beliefs are, BCI is a place where you can share, listen, and learn from everyone around you in an open-minded, supportive environment.

Interests: There are many aspects of BCI that attract applicants. Some may be drawn to the outdoor exploration, artistic expression, Jewish learning, communal living, and/or diversity. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is excited about Israeli dancing, campfires, or text study. So if you’ve never danced in your life, if you think you’re tone deaf, or sleeping outside is not your idea of a good time, BCI is still the place for you. BCI is about trying new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, and recognizing that we all have areas of comfort and discomfort.

Economic Advantages: Don’t let money stop you from attending BCI. Though BCI is an adult program and thus we believe that every participant needs to contribute something as a commitment to the experience, we have many scholarships available that are based on a variety of factors including need, merit, school, profession and region. In addition to the specific scholarships listed on the Scholarships & Financial Aid page, there are other more general BCI scholarships that anyone can apply for.

About BLI: Bardin Leadership Institute
The Bardin Leadership Institute (BLI) is a 12-day program specially designed for graduate students and young professionals between the ages of 24 and 32. At BLI you will delve into the pressing and important of questions in your life, and examine your answers through a Jewish lens. Like other BCI programs, you will challenge yourself through the creative fine arts, outdoor service and nature exploration and powerful learning with a trans-denominational faculty. Opportunities for traditional and creative spiritual reflection will round out your invigorating experience. Participants in BLI are highly motivated individuals who are searching for meaning and community. They may work in the secular world or in the Jewish community but are searching for a connection with their Jewish self, though they currently might not feel connected at all. If you feel that you are at a place in your life where an open, welcoming and meaningful Jewish experience can have a powerful impact, but because of other life commitments haven’t had the time to explore that desire, give yourself the gift of these 12 days this summer.

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